At Stenopost we welcome third party contributors and writers to pitch their pieces to our editors whereupon they will be published in our weekly op-ed sections. This is an effective way for those who want their voice to be heard to find a concrete and efficient platform that would provide the essential underpinnings for their analyses to be heard.

At Stenopost, we do not discriminate between nationality, ethnicity, religion, sect, gender or political views. However one area in which we cannot compromise is on falsification of the truth and intellectual dishonesty. Our foundation has been built upon sharing and analysing the truth, especially in those areas of knowledge that have been glossed over or ignored by the mainstream media.

Please stay within the following guidelines while preparing a piece:

  • Keep the word limit between 800-1000 words.
  • Make sure to clarify why the topic of the article is important or relevant for today’s regional or global situation.
  • Provide any external links used as sources of information for your article.
  • The target audience should be for the average uninformed person hence please ensure the content is easy to absorb and that it avoids unnecessary flowery language.
  • Keep the scope of the article within the geopolitics of the Greater Middle East, Middle East and South Asia.
  • Ensure that the structure, grammar, spelling and format of the articles are as much in line with international journalistic standards as possible.
  • The pieces may be edited as needed to enhance clarity, over-all effect and general style.
  • Please send the article in the body of your e-mail to