Stenopost was founded with the aim of being the central location on the internet where the most nuanced, well-written, easy to assimilate and fact-based analyses of the South Asian region can be found. Moreoever, Stenopost strives to ensure the truth, with a focus on the South Asian region, is not buried in today’s complex Age of Information. At Stenopost, we’re committed to creating a space on the internet where unbiased information can be utilized as sources of information for the decision-makers of the world.

Stenopost is run by a team of dedicated political analysts who work in tandem to create an eco-system of diverse yet complementary methods of critical analyses to ensure that the views on the website do not reflect a mere echo chamber.

In today’s era of unreliable and agenda driven sources of information, the truth is an ever-elusive entity that can be drowned out in a myriad of extraneous details. Our editors and contributors all strive to ensure that the views that they propagate are cemented in fact-based analyses of the most relevant and up-to-date events of the the current era.

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